Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Xbox Controller Ports for PC

When I got my first Xbox 1 I also picked up an extra controller breakaway piece, knowing I could use it to make adapters for Xbox>USB. Out of that breakaway cable and a USB extention I was able to make a Xbox cont. to USB adapter, and a USB to Xbox port adapter. That was a long time ago, and both adapters have developed shorts over the years, and both have been rewired.

I decided about a week ago that it's time for a new adapter, and not just one for breakaway-compatible controllers, one for ALL Xbox 1 controllers :D

I've had a busted Xbox in my "for parts" graveyard for a month now (bad power supply), so I pulled these out of it:

This is controller ports 3 and 4 out of an Xbox 1

Perfect, nice access to wires, works w/ all Xbox controllers since it came out of an Xbox, time to make an adapter out of it :P

My friend had given me 2 USB charge cables for a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player (he was going to throw them out :O), I hacked off the ends and had 2 perfect USB cables for my adapter (I needed 2 cables, there are 2 ports after all ;) ). I wired them up (after some trial and error, I left the original metal ends on the ports wires) and tested it out, it worked great!

The finished product

I wired it up to the back of my PC and wedged it in a crack of my PC desk, all I have to do is plug in a Xbox controller and go :D


  1. Very cool. Do you need PC drivers for this?

  2. Yes, Google search "XBCD Xbox controller driver" ;)