Monday, August 2, 2010

A Gamer Frame

I get free stuff sometimes, most of the time something is wrong with the free stuff (which is why it was free xD). I'm usually able to fix the broken stuff, but sometimes something comes along that isn't worth the effort or is unfixable. Most people would throw things like this away, but me being the pack rat I am, I just can't throw some things away, I use them in different ways ;)

I recently recieved a DMG Gameboy (you know, the big grey brick), it was down right nasty, junk all on it and in it. I opened it up to start the cleaning procedure, and the board looked like it had acid dripped on it, the board was peeling and stained. I decided right then that this is a parts system and threw the boards out.

After getting all of the gunk out of the case, I started to wonder what could I do with a Gameboy that had no innards? Well, there's a window where the screen went, how about a frame?

I wanted the buttons to look like the board was still there, but since the board wasn't there, the buttons would just fall out. My solution was to cut some cardboard to fit and screw it down just like it was the board:

After getting it back together, I noticed it wasn't very stable on it's own, so I made a kickstand. It's designed to snap in where the battery door normally snaps in:

In the picture above, you can also see the picture replacing tool hidden where a battery goes (it's actually a failed attempt at a kickstand, but it works). The picture is sandwiched between the screen guard and casing using 2-sided roll-on tape, to change it, the screen guard has to be removed, below is the easiest way to do it:

^This is the EXT. Connector hole^

Take something like a bent paper clip and insert it until you can touch the back of the picture

And apply pressure, the guard and picture should pop right out xD

After everything, this is what I ended up with:

It was a simple thing to do, but I got nice results from it :)

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