Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Custom GBASP

The first project I'm going to post is one I did earlier today, a part-swapped Gameboy Advance SP.

What is a "part-swapped" mod?
It's a mod where you have two or more of the same thing but in different colors, you take them apart, mix the outside parts up, and put them back together to make better/cooler looking ones.

I've had a plain blue GBASP (AGS-001) in my collection for at least 4 years, and I just recently received a limited edition Toys R Us Pikachu GBASP (AGS-101) from a friend. The problem is, the Pikachu SP is missing a screen, the face on the top is faded away, and it didn't come with a battery.

I could have let it collect dust while I hoped to come across another AGS-101 with a bad board to steal the screen from, but I decided to use the outer bits and pieces to make my blue one look cooler :)

I replaced the inside (when you flip it open), the battery cover, and the L/R buttons of my blue SP with parts from my Pikachu SP to create a cool blue/yellow SP, it reminds me of the first Pokemon Gameboy Color, this one to be exact:

It's blue on the back

But anyway, this is my result:

Cool? I think so. It's better than a plain blue SP and an unusable Pikachu SP, that's for sure ;)

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